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Closet Clean-out for Cancer

1 act for 2 hours can help in 3 ways

First off, I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and positive during this very difficult time. During these uncertain times it's important to give back and help others and in turn you're also helping yourself.

When you do good you feel good! 

I am a very private person and my family is my entire universe. On Jan 1st of this year my godson, Mikey, was diagnosed with B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Mikey is 3 years old. I swore that I would not speak about this tragedy outside the family until I had a plan to help. As I am sure many of us unfortunately know directly or indirectly cancer treatments are extremely expensive and is an expensive no one should have to prepare to take on. My cousin Jaimi is Mikey‘s mother. She and her husband, Carlos, are the definition of strength and optimism. 

While Jaimi thankfully has some health insurance it will not cover all expenses to be incurred. For that reason, our goal is to raise $30,000 to assist in covering as much of Mikey's medical expenses for the next three years. In 2020 generous donations reached up to $10,800! We are almost at our goal and we sincerely thank those who helped along the way. To learn more about Mikey's journey you can read a letter from his mother and follow the family's Instagram account @Aburtogram 

Now offering Online Styling Services and 100% will be donated to Mikey's GoFundMe

2 hour online Closet Clean-Out: $200

Here's what we will be doing: 

- Select clothing, shoes and accessories that are outdated, no longer fit or you simply don't like anymore 

- Sort through your unwanted wardrobe to donate to specific charities through Amazon Give Back Box 

- Shop your own closet! (don't we all miss shopping?) Why not shop from the store that knows your style the best? Your own closet! I will show you how to create new looks with the clothing hanging in your closet. 

1 hour online Personal Styling: $100

Shop your Closet! 

- We will focus only on shopping your closet to create a variety of new looks from your current wardrobe. 



1) Donating unwanted wardrobe to the charity of your choice through Amazon Give Back Box

2) 100% of the styling service cost will be donated to Mikey's GoFundMe to help pay his medical bills 

3) You will receive a tax refund for your clothing donations and assist a small business owner while out of work during the California mandatory lockdown ​

Thank you for taking the time to read this and showing your support. We will all get through this difficult time together by respecting the rule of social distancing and helping those in need. If you have words of encouragement for Mikey you are welcome to email me and I will give them to our strong angel. 

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Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 6.18.30 PM.png
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